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Since 1997 Digital Blasphemy wallpapers have decorated millions of computers in nearly every country on our Earth.

My entire collection, however, has only been available to the select few who actively support my work.

Your Membership allows you to use my work on all of your screens (handheld, tablet, desktop, laptop, TV, whatever). You can also share your opinions about the directions I chose to go with my work in a Members-Only forum. You have my ear!

Your support allows me to continue creating new artwork in whatever dimensions are required by the screens of tomorrow!

The DB Team
Thank You!

Members Receive:

Member Scott said:

If there is one thing i can say about this site and its owner, is that through the years i have followed this site (before it was even at this address and had membership options) one thing i have consistently noticed, is the very high quality, and ingenuity i see in every one of Ryan's creations.

I haven't seen one thing he has made that wasn't "Ad-least" worthy of being on my system, and the vast majority of the time i can and will say you wont find any better quality backgrounds "or Artwork for that matter" anyplace on the internet.

I myself am a lifetime member and proud to have helped keep this site and its creator going and look forward every week to seeing what new artwork will be released next.

Because to me, the 99$ lifetime membership fee is worth it's weight in gold, considering to get this kind of quality otherwise could set you back allot more in the artistic circles.

There are currently 18636 active Members.

I hope you will become the next!

Alternative Payment Methods

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Please make all checks payable to "Digital Blasphemy" and be sure to include the username you would like and an email address so I can process your payment.

Once your check is in the mail please send me an email so I know to check the PO box!

Accounts are activated once the check clears.

Thank you for supporting my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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