Since 1997 Digital Blasphemy wallpapers have decorated millions of computers in nearly every country on our Earth.

This has mainly been made possible by the currently 18697 active and countless past Members who have supported my work since 1999.

I've set up this area for people and businesses who would like to go beyond simply being a Member and make a substantial contribution towards the long-term future of Digital Blasphemy.

In the short term I am seeing patrons to help me complete Project Shadowfax.

Artists have relied on Patrons throughout history and now the Internet makes this easier than ever. Think of it as Crowdfunding without the Kickstarter...

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  • Permanent Sponsors Page Listing (w/200x200 logo)
  • Hand-signed Thank-You Card from Ryan and the Bliss family
  • Hand-signed 4x6 print of your choice.

Member T. Margait said:

Like most others, coming across the free-gallery brought a new meaning to desktop backgrounds. Nothing else has been put om my computer screen since. Just picked up a year membership and was amazed to see just how much more there was to pick from. Keep up the great work, your creativity is genius. Thanks!!
*Subject To Approval


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Thank you for supporting my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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