Creating Art For YOU Is My Full-Time Job!!

My name is Ryan Bliss and since 1997 it has been my passion to create the best computer wallpapers available anywhere.

If you enjoy my work I hope you will support it as a Member! It's just like Patreon, except all of the support goes directly to the artist!!

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  • Access my entire wallpaper collection individually or in zip archives by screen resolution. Over 1000 images available!!

  • Get my latest renders as soon as I post them (I aim for something new every 7 - 10 days).

  • Download original artwork sized to fit screens ranging from the latest smartphones/tablets, to laptops/PCs, all the way up to multiscreen battlestations.

  • Use your login in the iOS mobile app and the Android mobile app.

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  • No Google Tracking Code

  • Join the private Facebook Group.

  • Can use my work in their non-commercial YouTube videos.

All new and renewing Members will receive a hand-signed "Thank You" postcard from the Bliss family.


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Thank you for supporting my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Member Bob Park (parkbd) said:

DigitalBlasphemy has transformed my screen and those of my family into virtual showplaces of art and attention. When friends walk by our various computers, they inevitably stop and just gaze in awe with the brilliance that is Ryan's talent.

As a Senior PC Systems Analyst for one of Americas largest oil companies, I enjoy providing Ryan's background beauty for my clients. Because of this, word of DB has spread worldwide and comments continue to flood in. I can easily say Ryan's work here on DB is currently displayed on computers in at least 14 countries. I hope that number increases, as there's simply not enough good in the world, and Ryan's art makes it all a little bit easier to take.

Lifetime membership definitely has it's benefits!! I urge anyone to seriously consider it because it's definitely a bargain at twice the price!

There is no, and never has been, ANY spam coming from this wonderful site. Ethics and pride are quite alive here at DB. McAfee be damned!

Keep up the great work Ryan! You ROCK!

Bob Park

Houston, TX.

Different Membership Levels?

Most folks will choose the basic plan which provides you with unrestricted access to my entire collection.

People who really LOVE my work can sign up for the higher levels which award perks such as signed prints at the higher levels.

When you leave feedback your name will glow (see below) to mark your support level. Join at the higher levels and I will send you signed artwork as follows...

Lifetime Members

Access my entire collection! Members at all levels have access to each and every file in my collection AND will receive a signed Thank You postcard! Lifetime Members are welcome to upgrade to one of my upper level Memberships however, where they will receive the next higher size of print as my thanks!
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