Since 1997 Digital Blasphemy wallpapers have decorated millions of computers in nearly every country on our Earth.

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Member John said:

I have always loved your wallpaper on my systems and laptops, and last night I had a totally new appreciation experience.

Our oldest had gifted us with a 42" flat panel tele and a media center PC, and my youngest delights herself in taking many (sometiems embarrasing) photos of friends, family, dog poo, etc. and placing them into the slide show feature of media center.

Last night I decided enough was enough and cleaned all that stuff out, and thought it would be nice to see your wallpapers on my new big screen. I downloaded the last three years of images, in the larger HDTV format, setup a slide show and...

...sat mesmerized for the next 54 minutes as I saw your artwork in all new detail and in all of it's breathlessness. It is truly a different experience to get up close and have to move my head around to see the whole image.

just.. wow. You have amazing skills with the software you use, but your visions... those are a true gifting.

Thank you for sharing your giftings. Truly inspiring.

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