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My name is Ryan Bliss and since 1999 I have been blessed to be able to work full-time, supporting myself and my family, creating one of the largest collections of original 3D wallpaper art available anywhere.

How does one make a living creating 3D wallpapers? The honorable way is to ask people who really enjoy my work to kick in a small amount so I can focus 100% on creating new artwork for you instead of individual clients. That is the purpose of my Members Gallery.

You will undoubtedly find many excellent images throughout the web that could easily and cheaply serve as a wallpaper for your device. How am I different? My work is designed to be used as desktop wallpaper from the ground up.

My renders are designed to be displayed on the highest resolution screens. I've tried to engineeer each piece with elements to draw you in whether you are inches away or across the room. My hope is that you can minimize your work from time to time and always find something new.

Put simply, I have tried to make "the wallpaper" an artform unto itself. I am here working every day with one goal in mind; to make your screen look amazing.

There are currently 17573 active Members. I hope you will join us!

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Most folks will choose the basic plan which provides you with unrestricted access to my entire collection.

People who really LOVE my work can sign up for the higher levels which award perks such as signed prints at the higher levels.

When you leave feedback your name will glow (see below) to mark your support level. Join at the higher levels and I will send you signed artwork as follows...

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  • A yearly holiday card from my family
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Member Erik said:

As a gamer, I'm exposed to many alien worlds and magical lands. Much of the time I'm inclined to just look around, explore, and think how cool it would be to visit such places. Mr. Bliss can condense such daydreaming into one image, and his images have been on my desktop for over four years now. Great work, well worth supporting.

"$25 for a year's worth of entertainment is well worth it for anyone who uses their computer even infrequently" -- Max

"Ryan's work has gone from amazing to a greater magnitude of amazing." -- Kevin

"Not regretting the decision to contribute." -- Jake

"It feels great to collaborate with a great artist, who is also a warrior in life!" -- Rafael

"Simply Stunning!" -- Vince

"The free gallery is a mere shadow of Digital Blasphemy's oeuvre" -- FMJS

"Worth every penny and then some." -- Matthew

"The best source for creative art by a single artist." -- Lance

"Something new every time I visit." -- Tracey

"Coolest. Wallpaper. Ever." -- Dan

"Computer Creativity at its Best!" -- T. Margait

"I've never regretted it." -- KD

"Wallpapers to suit every taste, mood, and season." -- Louise

"The free gallery is but a microscopic taster!" -- Hunter

"You will not be disappointed." -- Chris

Thank you for supporting my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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