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Member Hernan said:

I guess I have been a fan of Ryan’s work ever since a friend of mine showed the render of “Frio” back in 99. I didn’t know who had made it, I asked my friend but he didn’t know either. I guess back then Ryan didn’t watermark his creations with the logo.

Anyways that particular wallpaper remained on my desktop for about 2 years, I think (I honestly can’t remember how long it was), until another friend gave me a disk with some programs he thought might interest me, he had also burnt on the disk several wallpapers, the two that I particularly remember by name were “Red Sky at Night” and “Adrift”.

The first time I saw them, I thought that those were the most beautiful 3D renderings I had ever seen, thankfully these did have Ryan’s signature watermark. So I went straight to the website and started browsing through the galleries. I a little bummed when I found out that you had to pay to be granted full access (I was only in high school back then and didn’t have a job) but I was happy none the less with the free gallery. So every month there after I waited patiently for new material to be available on the free site.

Years passed I moved to the States and went to college (oh yeah, guess I forgot to mention I am from Costa Rica), and still, every computer I ever owned had one of Ryan’s creations as a wallpaper. It was at this time I started delving into the world of computer-generated imagery in my free time, and I’m sure I’m not the first and probably won’t be the last to tell Ryan that he was the one that really inspired me to create my own 3D renditions. I finally graduated and found a job in IT with a small company and I have been there ever since.

I just recently got a new workstation with a 2 monitor display setup. I searched everywhere for decent multi-display wallpapers but couldn’t find anything worth much, so I finally decided to become a member and boy am I kicking myself in the butt right now for not joining earlier. The free site is really just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more available for subscribers.

Anyways I know that I have probably gone overboard with this testimonial, just one last word for those of you that were like me, if you are still browsing the free gallery don’t hesitate to join the fee that you pay is well worth what you get, besides that, you will be supporting a truly great artist.

Thanks Ryan, you have done so much for me than just making my cluttered desktop look like a work of art.


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