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Member Sean W said:

Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of wallpaper websites that you could visit. Yes, some of those sites have some stunning wallpapers. A few will even let you download some high-res 'papers for free, or at least for a small fee. But the breakdown is this: 99% of those websites are company/corporation owned, exploit many budding artists (or exploit artists that should have been established, but have been kept in some company's pocket), and charge you money for nothing more than glorified eye candy.

Digital Blasphemy is owned by one man, Ryan Bliss. Ryan is the one who produces every wallpaper offered on the site, excepting the images showcased in the User Gallery which helps raise awareness of other artists' work. His full-time job is to make awe-inspiring and fantastic images to grace our otherwise boring computer screens. This is what he does for a living, but that's not the main reason to think about a membership. When you visit wallpaper websites, you're going to a website with pretty pictures. When you come to Digital Blasphemy, you've come into an art gallery.

Ryan doesn't make wallpapers. He makes art.

So, support an artist; it's worth it!

"$25 for a year's worth of entertainment is well worth it for anyone who uses their computer even infrequently" -- Max

"Ryan's work has gone from amazing to a greater magnitude of amazing." -- Kevin

"Not regretting the decision to contribute." -- Jake

"It feels great to collaborate with a great artist, who is also a warrior in life!" -- Rafael

"Simply Stunning!" -- Vince

"The free gallery is a mere shadow of Digital Blasphemy's oeuvre" -- FMJS

"Worth every penny and then some." -- Matthew

"The best source for creative art by a single artist." -- Lance

"Something new every time I visit." -- Tracey

"Coolest. Wallpaper. Ever." -- Dan

"Computer Creativity at its Best!" -- T. Margait

"I've never regretted it." -- KD

"Wallpapers to suit every taste, mood, and season." -- Louise

"The free gallery is but a microscopic taster!" -- Hunter

"You will not be disappointed." -- Chris

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