Some Members have suggested that I set up a "tipjar" so those of you who feel compelled to do so may continue to support my artwork on a voluntary basis above and beyond any Membership fees.

As of August 28, 2015 I will be doing something new with my collected tips. They will go into a fund that I will use to provide free 1 year Memberships to folks who cannot afford them and/or are otherwise deserving (including teachers, veterans/active duty servicepeople and others that may be nominated later).

There is currently $225 in the fund and $305 has been donated all time.

4 free Memberships have been activated since 8/28/15.

Tips are completely optional but certainly appreciated. If you think I've provided value in your life above and beyond the support you have already shown then please feel free to use the PayPal or Credit Card methods provided.

Any amount is welcome and appreciated.

If you are looking to make a more substatial impact you might think about becoming a DB Patron or Patreon

Thanks for supporting my work!!

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